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Sort Materials Correctly

Under the law, all businesses, nonprofits, institutions, schools, and multifamily properties must:

  • Sort materials into the proper bins (compost, recycling, and garbage)
  • Check bins periodically and
  • Educate employees, tenants, and contractors about the rules at least annually and during move in and move out (where applicable). 

Sort materials correctly 

The materials shown below must be recycled and composted under the law. For a full list of materials that can be recycled and composted visit the RE:Source Curbside Directory and select your city. 

Monitor & Educate

Inspect both your indoor containers as well as your collection carts and bins to ensure proper sorting. If you notice materials placed incorrectly, be sure to remind employees, contractors, and tenants of the rules. Note that property owners/managers are responsible for proper sorting at their site. 

The law requires that at least once a year and during move-in and move-out, owners/managers of businesses, nonprofits, institutions and multifamily properties must inform employees, contractors, such as janitorial staff, and tenants of the law, and how to sort materials properly.  

Here are some options for training and ongoing education: 

More resources for education and training can be found here

Need help training your employees, tenants, contractors, and janitors? Our field team can help. Complete this form to request free support. 


Additional Resources

Pre-made wall signs

Signs posted at eye level above each bin help staff and customers place materials in the correct containers.

Download and print pre-made wall signs

Customized wall signs 

The more closely your signs reflect the materials actually generated at your site, the easier it will be for staff and customers to sort correctly.

Customize and print your own wall signs