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K-3rd Grade Resources

While StopWaste does not have direct programs for K-3rd Grade school champions, we do work directly with 4th through high school students on action projects that educate their whole school community about reducing waste. We encourage K-3rd grade teachers and classrooms to engage with other classes at their school that are participating in StopWaste’s 4Rs Climate Action Project so that students have the opportunity to become leaders and role models within their school community to support K-3rd grade classrooms.

Below are resources that StopWaste has developed for K-3rd grade students and school champions. If you have any questions or need additional information, send us an inquiry and sign up for our StopWaste at School E-News.


Become a 4Rs Action Hero

Meet the League of 4Rs Action Heroes in this activity sheet and reflect on how you can be an action hero too!

Download activity sheet

Food Waste Reduction with Super Reducer

Learn how to reduce wasted food at lunch with these tips from Super Reducer

Download handout

Wiggle E Worm Comic and Read Aloud

Adventure with Wiggle E Worm to teach a resident of Mudville about the importance of composting. Students can also read along with the Wiggle E Worm Comic Reading Video.
Download the Comic Watch the Video

K-3rd Garbologist Journal: A Reading Buddy Activity

This Reading Buddy Activity for K-3rd grades and is designed for older students, 4th grade and up or adults, to buddy read to younger students. Ideally the Reading Buddy, which is called “Earth Buddy” in this journal, would have first experienced the StopWaste Virtual or In-Person Transfer Station tour. The Earth Buddy helps their younger “Garbologist Buddy” explore what the earth gifts us and how they can take action by practicing the 4Rs.

Download Journal 

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