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Click thumbnail for PDF of sample letter.

If you received this letter, a fine is being assessed for not subscribing to the required compost and recycling collection services after a warning (Notice of Violation) letter was sent. You must complete the following steps by the due date listed in your citation letter to avoid additional fines.  

Step 1: Pay the fine amount listed on your citation letter.  

  • Online (debit/credit) at Citation Processing Center
    • Select “Administrative Citations” and search by “Citation and Date” then enter the citation number and date found at the top right of your letter.
  • By check:
    • Include citation number, and make check payable to: 
      StopWaste – Citation Processing Center 
      P.O. Box 7275 
      Newport Beach, CA 92658-7275 

Step 2: Subscribe to the collection service(s) listed on the letter (compost and/or recycling service). 

Step 3: Use this form to submit proof* that the service was obtained. 

A copy of a recent bill or account statement showing the required service is preferred (photo, screenshot, or PDF are all acceptable formats). If you don’t yet have a bill or account statement showing the new service, you may provide a confirmation email from your provider showing the ordered service, or any other proof showing the ordered service.

If you have alternative arrangements for collection, such as self-hauling, back-hauling, sharing service with another account holder, or contracting with a third-party recycler, you must complete a Certification of Recycling Service (CRS) form here.

* Sites that generate only minimal amounts of compostable or recyclable materials, or lack the necessary physical space for containers, may qualify for a waiver. If your site qualifies, the approved waiver will prevent future violations and fines (for a five-year period). If a waiver is approved after a citation is issued, fines issued prior to submission of the waiver application will not be dismissed.

Common questions about citations 

How are fines assessed? 

If a site fails to subscribe to the required compost and/or recycling service, a warning (Notice of Violation) letter will be issued. If the site fails to comply after 60 days, a fine will be assessed for each requirement that is violated: lack of compost service, lack of recycling service, and unavailable collection containers each constitute their own fines.

Fine amounts are assessed at two levels, depending on the amount of garbage a site generates. Starting fines are $50 for sites with less than 2 cubic yards of weekly garbage service, and $100 for sites that generate more garbage. Fines will continue to be assessed until a site becomes compliant, increasing every 60 days, with fine amounts up to $250 and $500, respectively. Fine amounts do not reset.

(Each violation constitutes its own fine)  

Current garbage service

1st Citation 

2nd Citation 

3rd and Subsequent Citations 

  • Lack of compost service 

  • Lack of recycling service 

  • Unavailable collection containers with sufficient labels 

Less than 2 cubic yards per week




2 or more cubic yards per week





Can I appeal my citation?

If you believe your citation was issued in error (your site already has compost and recycling collection services or an approved waiver* on file), you have the right to appeal within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the citation. More information on how to submit an appeal coming soon