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Action Required:

If you received this letter, a fine is being assessed for not subscribing to the required compost and recycling collection services after a warning (Notice of Violation) letter was sent. You must complete steps 1-3 below by the due date listed in your citation letter to avoid future fines.  

Step 1: Pay the fine amount listed on your citation letter.  

  • Online (debit/credit) at Citation Processing Center
    • Select “Administrative Citations” and search by “Citation and Date” then enter the citation number (without the colon; for example CIT123456) and date found at the top right of your letter.
  • By check:
    • Include citation number, and make check payable to: 
      StopWaste – Citation Processing Center 
      P.O. Box 7275 
      Newport Beach, CA 92658-7275 

Step 2: Subscribe to the collection service(s) listed on the letter (compost and/or recycling service). 

Step 3: Use this form to submit proof* that the service was obtained. 

A copy of a recent bill or account statement showing the required service is preferred (photo, screenshot, or PDF are all acceptable formats). If you don’t yet have a bill or account statement showing the new service, you may provide a confirmation email from your provider showing the ordered service, or any other proof showing the ordered service.

If you have alternative arrangements for collection, such as self-hauling, back-hauling, sharing service with another account holder, or contracting with a third-party recycler, you must complete a Certification of Recycling Service (CRS) form here.

* Sites that generate only minimal amounts of compostable or recyclable materials, or lack the necessary physical space for containers, may qualify for a waiver. If your site qualifies, the approved waiver will prevent future violations and fines (for a five-year period). If a waiver is approved after a citation is issued, fines issued prior to submission of the waiver application will not be dismissed.

Common questions about citations 

How are fines assessed? 

If a site fails to subscribe to the required compost and/or recycling service, a warning (Notice of Violation) letter will be issued. If the site fails to comply after 60 days, a fine will be assessed for each requirement that is violated: lack of compost service, lack of recycling service, and unavailable collection containers each constitute their own fines.

Fine amounts are assessed at two levels, depending on the amount of garbage a site generates. Starting fines are $50 for sites with less than 2 cubic yards of weekly garbage service, and $100 for sites that generate more garbage. Fines will continue to be assessed until a site becomes compliant, increasing every 60 days, with fine amounts up to $250 and $500, respectively. Fine amounts do not reset.

(Each violation constitutes its own fine)  

Current Garbage Service

1st Citation 

2nd Citation 

3rd and Subsequent Citations 

  • Lack of compost service 

  • Lack of recycling service 

  • Unavailable collection containers with sufficient labels 

Less than 2 cubic yards per week




2 or more cubic yards per week





Can I appeal my citation?

If you believe your citation was issued in error (your site already has compost and recycling collection services or an approved waiver on file), you have the right to appeal within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the citation. 

Appeals for sites with the required service: 

If a site had compost and recycling service prior to the date of a citation, use the Submit Proof form to provide documentation. Examples of documentation include a copy of a recent bill or account statement to show proof that your site has the required compost and recycling collection service (screenshots or photos of statements are acceptable). If you don’t yet have a bill or account statement showing the new service, you may provide a confirmation email from your provider, or any other proof showing the ordered service. Citations may be dismissed without the need for a formal appeal if the documentation provided proves that the required service was in place prior to the date of the citation. Payment of the fine amount is not required in this case. 

Appeals for other reasons:

You have the right to appeal the citation within 30 calendar days of the date on which you received the citation letter.

A formal appeal may be requested using the Request for Appeal of Administrative Citation Form. The completed form, along with any supporting documentation and the appeal fee, should be mailed to “StopWaste – Citation Processing Center” at P.O. Box 7275, Newport Beach, CA 92658-7275. At this time, the appeal cannot be submitted online at, but is anticipated to be available in the future.

Note that you must submit payment of the Total Fine amount with your appeal letter in order to be granted a citation appeal hearing. If you choose to appeal the citation, you will be required to put on deposit the amount of the fine shown on your citation as a bond. You may include the Total Fine amount in a check made payable to “StopWaste – Citation Processing Center” with your Request for Appeal of Administrative Citation Form. Alternatively, you may pay by credit/debit card online at and then mail in your completed appeal form. Please see “Step 1” above for more detailed instructions for online payment of the fine.

If you win the appeal, the bond amount on deposit will be returned to you. If you lose the appeal, the bond amount on deposit will be forfeited and your fine paid. Once your appeal request is received, you will be sent a written notice of the date, time, and place of the hearing by certified mail. The notice will be sent at least 10 calendar days prior to the hearing date.