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Notice to Subscribe to Service

If you received this letter, according to our records your site does not have the required compost and/or recycling collection service. No fine is being issued at this time. However, you must contact your garbage company to subscribe to the required collection service at your earliest convenience to avoid future citations and fines.

Did you receive a letter in error?

  • If you already have compost and recycling collection service and believe you received this letter in error, please submit proof using this form so we can update our records. 
  • If you have alternative arrangements for collection, such as self-hauling, back-hauling, sharing service with another account holder, or contracting with a third-party recycler, you must complete a Certification of Recycling Service (CRS) form here.

Do you qualify for a waiver?

  • If you generate only minimal amounts of compostable or recyclable materials, or lack the necessary physical space for containers, you may qualify for a waiver.