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Priority School Districts

StopWaste is a public agency committed to engaging students to take collective action to stop waste by promoting environmental awareness and action-based learning. StopWaste also builds school infrastructure to support waste reduction and sustainability practices. With food waste the number one category in our landfill, StopWaste Priority School District Partners acknowledge their commitment to our work by passing a school board resolution which includes 3-stream sorting and onboarding with our Smart Cafeteria Initiative in reducing food waste. In return for these commitments, StopWaste agrees to provide free-of-charge environmental education services and resources.  

StopWaste Priority School Districts Update 

With a majority of our county school districts having “priority partner” status, we are now required to reprioritize our services. We are asking all current “priority partners” to amend school board resolutions and specifically include a commitment to school food waste prevention/reduction to align with current agency initiatives. As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we acknowledge there is an increased need in our communities for healthy, nutritious food, and are offering priority school districts, which include formal partnerships with our Smart Cafeteria Intiative, support with ensuring perfectly good food from schools does not go to waste. Parties interested in amending their school board resolution can contact us to learn more.  

Priority School Districts

The following Priority School Districts (indicated in BOLD) have committed to reducing the amount of readily recyclable and compostable materials to less than 10% in trash sent to landfill. 

  • Alameda Unified School District
  • Albany Unified School District
  • Berkeley Unified School District
  • Castro Valley Unified School District
  • Dublin Unified School District
  • Emery Unified School District
  • Fremont Unified School District
  • Hayward Unified School District
  • Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District
  • New Haven Unified School District
  • Newark Unified School District
  • Oakland Unified School District
  • Piedmont Unified School District
  • Pleasanton Unified School District
  • San Leandro Unified School District
  • San Lorenzo Unified School District
  • Sunol Glen Unified School District

If you are a public charter or private school, contact us for eligibility.