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Green Business Certification

Coordinated by the California Green Business Network, the Bay Area Green Business Program certifies companies, non-profits and local public agencies throughout the nine Bay Area counties as Green Businesses if they meet the program’s standards, and helps them get recognized for their efforts.

Green Businesses are in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and have successfully implemented additional green measures selected from the Green Business checklist pertinent to their industry. Green Business practices include:
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Conservation
  • Solid Waste Reduction & Recycling
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Carbon Footprint (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) Reduction


Organizations that have taken steps toward operating more environmentally responsible tend to enjoy higher efficiency, a better bottom line, more motivated and healthy employees and a marketing edge over the competition.
The Green Business Certification provides public recognition for these efforts, including:
  • Listing in the Green Business Directory
  • Press coverage, promotional events and special recognition
  • Window decals, certificates and promotional materials
  • Access to the Green Business logo to use for advertising

How to Get Green Certified

If you are a business located in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact the coordinator in your county for more information and to apply.
Alameda County Program Website & Coordinator: Lawrence Nussbaum, 206-948-2535.
Note that the program requires onsite verification of your environmentally sound practices. It takes 2-4 months for most businesses to complete the certification process.
For more information about the program:

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