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Enforcement & Violations

California State law SB1383 and the Alameda County Organics Reduction and Recycling Ordinance require businesses, nonprofits, institutions, schools, and multifamily properties to arrange for compost and recycling collection service, have the correct indoor bins, and sort materials correctly. Some businesses must also recover and donate their surplus edible food.

Enforcement of these rules is a collaborative effort between StopWaste, the cities of Alameda County and their solid waste service providers, as well as the environmental health departments in Alameda County. Warnings (a “Notice of Violation”) are given before a citation is issued. Fines range from $50-$500. See details here. 

Did you receive a letter?

Click on the letter below that matches the one you received, then complete the steps necessary to correct the violation(s) and prevent future fines.

Notice of Violation


Notice to Subscribe to Service

Letter from City or Garbage Company


Common questions about violations:


  • Do you already compost and recycle but received a letter stating you don’t have the necessary collection services?
    Submit proof using this form so we can update our records.
  • Do you have alternative arrangements for collection, such as self-hauling, back-hauling, sharing service with another account holder, or contracting with a third-party recycler? 
    Complete a Certification of Compost and Recycling Service form here.

  • Do you qualify for a waiver? You may qualify for a waiver If you generate only minimal amounts of compostable or recyclable materials, or lack the necessary physical space for containers. Learn more and apply here.

  • What are the fines that could be assessed for violations? The below fine table show the potential fines when a citation is issued.