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5th Grade-High School Resources

5th-12th Grade Classrooms: 4Rs Climate Action Projects

Bring academic fun and the 4Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot (compost) into the classroom. Students engage in project- and action-based learning and develop skills to make a difference in their school and their community. StopWaste educators visit the classroom and facilitate an up-to three-part series of two-hour lessons.

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High School Classrooms and Clubs: StopWaste Ambassador Program

The Stop Waste Ambassador Program offers services to help advance environmental education and leadership in Alameda County high schools. Building on the 4Rs Climate Action Project, StopWaste engages students who are ready to take on leadership roles in their school community to promote waste reduction. 

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Stop Food Waste Challenge

The Stop Food Waste Challenge is an educational program designed by StopWaste to engage Alameda County students and educators in the practice and benefits of proper waste sorting and reducing the amount of food going to waste in the landfill. This school-wide waste reduction initiative is available to schools with classrooms participating in the 4Rs Climate Action Project or StopWaste Ambassador Project. 

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5th Grade-High School Educational Resources


Amazing Garbologist Adventure Journal

How to Go from Scientist to Food Rescue Action Hero! In this journal you will join four garbologists who ask questions about how garbage affects people living in Alameda County and around the world. What in the world is a garbologist? A garbologist is a scientist who studies garbage. Why study garbage? Because there is a LOT of it. And more is created every day!

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We are the (Re)Generation Activity Toolkit

We all know the 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot – but these activities guide students to reflect on what other “R”s they find most important. Is it to reimagine a healthier earth? Repurpose old materials in new ways? Rethink what we need vs. what we want? This toolkit provides a roadmap to a wide variety of creative, reflective, and meaningful actions that you can easily do at home.

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StopWaste Topic Briefs

Interested in diving deeper into waste-related environmental issues? You can look through StopWaste’s catalog of Topic Briefs, meant to provide current waste-related trends, issues and innovations within our agency and beyond. Stopwaste Topic Briefs are intended to update our Agency’s Governing Boards but can be used as secondary sources for student research.
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