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Set Up Indoor Bins

Under the law, all businesses, nonprofits, institutions, schools, and multifamily properties must place color-coded and labeled recycling and compost bins next to all garbage bins (not required in restrooms).

At a minimum, bins must be color-coded and labeled. It’s also helpful to place signs at eye level to show what goes where.


Free stickers for indoor bins

Free stickers are available to label indoor bins. Order two stickers for each bin so you can label two sides, in case bins get turned around.

Order free stickers for your indoor bins

Customized wall signs

The more closely your signs reflect the materials actually generated at your site, the easier it will be for staff and customers to sort correctly.

Customize Your Wall Signs

Quick guide to setting-up indoor bins

Use this step-by-step guide and worksheet to help determine the indoor recycling, organics, and garbage containers and signs needed to set your site up for success.

Download the Setup Guide

Free Indoor Green Bins

Your site may qualify for free indoor green bins for the collection of organics. A variety of containers and lids are available from our partner vendors—up to $500 per approved site including tax and delivery.

Apply for free indoor green bins

Ordering indoor bins

Many janitorial supply companies offer indoor bins. Check with your supplier for equipment that matches your needs. You can also order a wide range of containers and lids from our partner vendors for the free green bin program (above):

Or, view a list of additional bin vendors.

How-to videos

These videos provide an overview of steps for setting up indoor recycling and organics bins, and how to sort properly to comply with the law.


Overview Flyer for Staff

Customize and download a printable instructional poster to help employees, janitorial staff, and others at your site remember the rules for your recycling, organics and garbage carts, such as acceptable bags and bin/cart colors.

Customize Overview Flyer



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