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Set Up Indoor Bins

All businesses, nonprofits, institutions, schools, and multifamily properties in California must place color-coded and labeled recycling and compost bins next to all garbage bins.

  1. Group color-coded bins into stations. 
    Use green for compost, blue for recycling, and black or gray for trash/landfill.
    (Not required in restrooms).
  2. Label bins with stickers.
    Submit a request for free indoor bin stickers to be mailed to your site.
  3. Place signs above each bin. 
    Click here to create custom signs or download pre-made signs.
  4. Use the correct bags.
    Check here to see which bags are allowed in your city.


Free Resources

Free Indoor Bins

StopWaste partners with two indoor bin vendors to provide a variety of green containers and lids, up to $500 per approved site. Apply here.

Cities that offer additional free indoor bins are listed below:

Purchasing Indoor Bins

Many janitorial supply companies offer indoor bins. You can also order a wide range of containers and lids from our partner vendors: 


Or, view a list of additional bin vendors.

Signs and Posters

The more closely your signs reflect the materials actually generated at your site, the easier it will be for staff and customers to sort correctly.

Make customized wall signs or Download pre-made signs

Many cities also offer pre-made signs and posters:

Free stickers for indoor bins

Free stickers are available to label indoor bins. Order two stickers for each bin so you can label two sides, in case bins get turned around.

Order free indoor bin stickers

Which bags/liners are okay for my business' indoor bins?

Select your city below to learn which types of bags you can use to line your indoor compost and recycling bins.

Note for multifamily properties: This resource currently provides information for businesses and institutions. Check with your service provider to learn what bags are allowed for residents.

How-to video

Watch this video for an overview of the steps to set up indoor compost and recycling bins (4:10 min): (English, SpanishCantonese)

Quick guide to setting-up indoor bins

Use this step-by-step guide and worksheet to help determine the indoor compost, recycling, and landfill containers and signs needed to set your site up for success.

Download the guide

Next Step:  Help tenants, employees and contractors sort materials correctly