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Measure D Policies and Disbursements

Measure D Policies Adopted by the Recycling Board:

  • Resolution 94-27 (08/11/1994): Policy for Revision of Population-based Disbursements from the Recycling Fund
  • Resolution 96-04 (05/09/1996): Recycled Product Purchase Preference Program – Guidelines and Policies for Distribution of “Leftover” Funds
  • Resolution 98-03 (02/12/1998): Policies and Procedures for Implementation of Subsection 64.060(D) of Measure D, Relating to Use of Recycling Fund Monies for Contracts Longer than Five Years
  • Resolution 2003-10 (07/10/2003): Policy Adoption – Municipal Eligibility to receive recycling Fund Per Capita Disbursements
  • Resolution 2003-11 (07/10/2003): Adoption of Policies, Rules and Procedures Based on the “5 Year Audit” Relating to Recycling Fund Expenditures, Monitoring and Reporting by Municipalities
  • Resolution 2006-12 (11/09/2006): Adoption of Rules Regarding Municipal Accounting and Fund Balances of Recycling Fund Per Capita Allocations
  • Motion (11/08/2012): Policy Regarding Commercial Recycling Program Minimum Requirements
  • Resolution 2014-2 (11/13/2014): Revision of Resolution 2006-12 – Regarding Fund Balances of Recycling Fund per Capita Allocations 
  • Resolution 2021-02 (06/10/21): Revision of Resolution 2014-12 – Regarding Fund Balances of Recycling Fund per Capita Allocations

Measure D Disbursements to Member Agencies:





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Related Documents:

  • 5 Year Audit:  Program Assessment Final Report (1/2008) 
    A broad overview and evaluation of waste reduction programs within Alameda County, prepared by HF&H Consultants, LLC, with assistance from Kies Strategies, SERA, Inc., and Environmental Planning Consultants. Profiles and comparisons of municipal programs and analysis of various operational and system issues, including mandatory recycling ordinances and landfill bans.

Background documents related to the “5 Year Audit” Program Assessment Final Report: