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Recycling Board/ Planning & Organization Committee - Castro Valley
Date/Time: Thursday, October 9, 2014 - 7:00pm
Castro Valley Public Library
3600 Norbridge Avenue
Castro Valley, CA 94546
(510) 667-7900
Toni Stein South Berkeley Senior Center 2939 Ellis Street Berkeley, CA 94703 510-981-5170

Meeting is wheelchair accessible.  Sign language interpreter may be available upon five (5) days notice to 510-891-6500.


  1. Call to order

  2. Roll Call

  3. Announcements by the president

  4. Consent Calendar (P&O & R&B)

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      p. 1 of full packet

      Approval of the Draft Joing Minutes of September 17, 2014 (Gary Wolff & Wendy Sommer)

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      p. 7 of full packet

      Board Attendance Record (Gary Wolff)

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      p. 9 of full packet

      Written Report of Ex Parte Communications

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      Legislative Status for 2014 (Gary Wolff, Wendy Sommer & Debra Kaufman)

      Staff recommends that the Boards receive this information report on the status of legislation the Agency tracked this year.

  5. Open Public Discussion

    An opportunity is provided for any member of the public wishing to speak on any matter within the jurisdiction of the Board, but not listed on the agenda.  Each speaker is limited to three minutes.

  6. Regular Calendar (P&O & RB)

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      Reusable Bag Ordinance 2012-2: Process for Potential Expansion (Gary Wolff, Wendy Sommer & Meri Soll)

      Staff recommend that the Program and Administration Committee, and the Planning and Organization Committee, discuss the potential expansion of the reusable bag ordinance and recommend that the WMA Board adopt the proposed schedule and deliverables identified in the staff report as the process to be followed for consideration of expansion of Ordinance 2012-2.

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      Municipal Panel Presentation: Commercial Recycling Promotion and Outreach (Gary Wolff, Wendy Sommer & Meghan Starkey)

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      Business Assitance Project - Update (Gary Wolff, Wendy Sommer & Michelle Fay)

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      Resource Area For Teachers (RAFT) Update (Gary Wolff, Wendy Sommer & Meri Soll)

  7. Other Public Input

  8. Communications/Member Comments

  9. Adjournment


Download the Agenda or Full Packet below. Individual items may also be downloaded to the left.





  • Recycling Board Members

  • Anu Natarajan, President
    City of Fremont
  • Daniel O’Donnell, 1st Vice President
    Environmental Organization
  • Jerry Pentin, 2nd Vice President
    City of Livermore
  • Lorrin Ellis, City of Union City
  • Greg Jones, City of Hayward
  • Chris Kirschenheuter, Recycling Programs
  • Michael Peltz, Solid Waste Industry Representative
  • Steve Sherman, Source Reduction Specialist
  • Minna Tao, Recycling Materials Processing Industry
  • Gordon Wozniak, City of Berkeley
  • Toni Stein, Environmental Educator