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FoodTank Interviews Smart Kitchen Initiative Partner, LeanPath

September 4, 2018

As concerns over the implications surrounding food waste rise, innovative leaders like LeanPath are using technology to change the way food service operators reduce wasted food in their kitchens. 

In a recent interview with FoodTank, Andrew Shakman, CEO and co-founder of LeanPath, describes LeanPath’s unique solution to this problem: “focus on source reduction.” Created in 2004, LeanPath offers the world’s first automated food waste tracking technology to change the way foodservice operators approach the food in their kitchens. With these operations in place, the company’s technology, analytics, and coaching have empowered culinary teams to prevent 20 million pounds of food from being wasted since early 2014.  

Since 2014, StopWaste has partnered with LeanPath through its Smart Kitchen Initiative, which works to reduce waste through operational changes based on results of food waste tracking and measurement in food service businesses. Read more about the Smart Kitchen Initiative. 

Read the full article, "Tracking Food Waste with LeanPath CEO Andrew Shakman."