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New Website Encourages Food Scrap Recycling in Alameda County

November 1, 2013


Media Contact:
Anna Stock-Matthews


Ready Set Recycle Website Rewards Residents for Improving
Recycling Knowledge and Practices 

OAKLAND, Calif. – November 1, 2013 – StopWaste today unveiled the new website for the Ready Set Recycle initiative, which encourages Alameda County residents to recycle by providing resources and rewards for reducing their waste. The revamped site,, reflects the campaign’s new emphasis on food scrap recycling, offering helpful resources and opportunities for residents to win prizes through educational games and challenges designed to test recycling skills. 
“Alameda County residents are already some of the best recyclers in the country with over 90 percent reporting they recycle regularly. The new Ready Set Recycle campaign will help us take the next step toward our long term waste reduction goals by increasing participation in the more challenging activity of food scrap recycling,” said Jeff Becerra Communications Manager at StopWaste. “The updated website is 
designed to be a one-stop destination for residents, providing resources to help them improve their food scrap recycling knowledge and skills and rewarding those efforts.” 
A major feature of the new site is the Recycling Rewards Challenge. Residents will have the opportunity to win $25 prizes each month by completing various challenges, such as answering a set of food scrap recycling trivia questions; playing the online Speed Sorter game; and engaging with StopWaste via Facebook and Twitter. Alameda County residents who complete the challenges will be entered into a 
monthly drawing and winners can choose from a variety of prizes. Prizes for the month of November include a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce box, a Peet’s Coffee & Tea gift card, a bag of compost and a donation to a local food bank. 
Other Ready Set Recycle website features include: 
  • Recycle Where? – Site visitors enter the name of any item they are trying to dispose of and learn the proper method of recycling or disposal. 
  • Sorting Tips – Expert tips for improving food scrap recycling and keeping trash free of recyclables and compostables. 
  • Recycling in Your School – Teachers and administrators can find tools and materials to support their school’s recycling program, teach students good sorting habits and implement the Ready Set Recycle Challenge in their school.
  • Recycling in Your City – Specific information for Alameda County residents about the different recycling rules for their city.
New site features will continue to be rolled out over the next year, including videos, case studies and resources for community organizations. 
Since launching in 2010, Ready Set Recycle has promoted recycling in Alameda County through challenges and incentives, trash audits, online resources and community programs. To learn more about Ready Set Recycle or enter the new Recycling Rewards challenge, visit
About StopWaste 
StopWaste is a public agency responsible for reducing the waste stream in Alameda County. The agency helps cities, business, schools and residents reduce waste through source reduction and recycling, market development, technical assistance and public education. StopWaste is governed jointly by three boards, the Alameda County Waste Management Authority, the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board, and the Energy Council.