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Oakland-based Business Adopts How2Recycle Label

How2Recycle Sample Label
September 6, 2017

Oakland-based company Back to the Roots is the latest of several Alameda County business to adopt the new How2Recycle label for their packaging, with the help of incentive funding from StopWaste. Other local businesses using the label include Annie’s Inc., Plum Organics, and Clorox. 

Back to the Roots is adding the label to their innovative new cereal packaging, a gable-top carton that uses 25% less material than traditional cereal boxes. The milk carton-style package eliminates the bag-in-box traditional cereal packaging format and is recyclable with paper in many communities.

Along with its line of organic cereal cartons, Back to the Roots will also be using the How2Recycle label on its non-food products which include a mini mushroom farm kit, self-watering planter, and garden-in-can/jar. 

The How2Recycle label makes recycling easy for customers, by letting them know if the package can be recycled curbside, in a grocery store take back program, or if the consumer needs to check back with their locality to see if it’s recyclable. How2Recycle also tells consumers if a packaging type is not yet recyclable. Please see the sample label at right. Learn more about StopWaste's incentive funds for the How2Recycle label.