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Rental Property Owner Business Program

There is a new free hazardous waste service for residential landlords to dispose of their tenant's waste. In order to participate rental property owners must:

  • Call the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) at 800-618-6942 to apply for an EPA ID. In many cases, EPA ID numbers can be assigned over the phone.
  • Qualify as a conditionally exempt small quantity generator by filling out and returning a self certification form. The Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste program will review your form and send you a confirmation letter.
  • Once you receive a confirmation letter you can call 510-670-6460 to schedule an appointment.
  • Property owners are limited to 220 pounds of waste a month. No individual container/item can be over 5 gallons or 50 pounds.

What we accept

We accept most common consumer building maintenance products: adhesives, painting, cleaning, auto, garden, propane, batteries, and fluorescent bulbs. Other more industrial products may be accepted after a consultation.

What we don’t accept

  • Compressed gasses (5 gallon BBQ propane tanks and smaller are OK).
  • Explosives, radioactive material.
  • Unknown industrial chemicals.
  • Contaminated soil debris, plastic sheeting or other waste from site cleanups or lead paint removal activities.
  • We will not accept unknowns such as unlabeled chemicals.

Questions? Call Toll-Free: 800-606-6606.