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Reducing Disposable Food Ware

Whether you are a caterer, a mobile food vendor, or run a restaurant, café or institutional kitchen, minimizing the use of disposable food ware products can help you reduce waste and costs, improve customers’ dining experience, prevent litter, and keep local waterways clean.  


Reusable Food Ware During Covid-19

Food facilities can safely use reusable food ware during the pandemic and remain in compliance with the rules issued by the Alameda County Department of Environmental Health. 

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ReThink Disposable Assistance

ReThink Disposable is a free program that helps businesses and schools transition to reusable food ware and introduce practices that prevent waste. In addition to hands-on support by ReThink Disposable staff, StopWaste is offering up to $500 in rebates toward the purchase of reusable food service ware.

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Reusable Takeout Pilots

StopWaste is working with food facilities in Alameda County to pilot reusable service ware systems for prepared food takeout and delivery managed by third-party providers. Stopwaste is supporting the pilots with grant funding and technical assistance. Interested in participating? 

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