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Earth Month 2024

Happy Earth Month! Whether you're interested in learning how to get started with worm composting, how to electrify your home, reduce wasted food, or build healthy soil, there's a way to celebrate for everyone! Try a StopWaste tip any day throughout the month, or join your neighbors in community for an Earth Month workshop or event hosted by your city. 

Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Make Every Carrot Count

Reducing wasted food is one of the leading solutions to climate change. Taking care and making the most of our food are important acts of environmental stewardship, honoring all of the resources and labor that went into getting it to us. Get inspired by these three community leaders who heal and sustain our communities through food. 

Hear the Three Food Stories  Get Kitchen Tips and Tricks

Build Healthy Soil

Use compost to feed your garden and build healthy soil! Applying just 1-2 inches of compost to your soil will help your soil retain moisture, improve its structure, and help your plants access nutrients. Compost also helps healthy gardens sequester carbon in your soil and plants, reducing your climate impact. Learn about all the ways compost happens in Alameda County in our new video. Check out our gardening calendar to level up your gardening skills at upcoming workshops or volunteer at your local urban farm.

Watch Video  Get Free Compost  Make Compost  View Events

Conserve Energy in Your Home

All-electric homes are climate-friendly homes. Did you know you can receive thousands of dollars in rebates from BayREN for energy efficiency improvements to weatherize your home, improve comfort, and save energy? Learn all about the offers available to you.

Claim Your Rebate

Celebrate with the Entire Family

4Rs Action Heroes, assemble! Join youth and families across Alameda County in sharing your stories of action and community that represent how you are part of the (Re)Generation - an intergenerational collective identity for people committed to building a regenerative earth.

Share Your Story

Think Green While You Spring Clean

Your unwanted stuff might be someone else’s treasure. Lessen the stress on the environment and visit the RE:Source guide for alternative solutions like reuse, repair, recycling, and safe disposal options for everything from electronics and clothes to furniture and bicycles.

View Our Spring Cleaning Guide  Explore RE:Source

Choose to Reuse

Good news: Restaurants and food delivery platforms must now let you opt out of disposable utensils and other accessories, and more businesses are starting to offer take-out in reusable, returnable packaging.

Give Reusables a Try

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