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Success Stories

Noodle Factory Homes: Oakland, CA

To help address the chronic shortage of work and performance space for artists and artisans, in 2009 Northern California Land Trust, a Berkeley-based nonprofit housing developer, renovated a rundown former noodle factory in West Oakland that had been illegally converted into residential and events space. The rehabbed 19,000-square-foot building now houses 11 work/live condos for low-income artist and craft-worker households, as well as a performing arts center with rehearsal space and a 90-seat theater for music, film, theater, dance and other events. To ensure the homes will remain permanently affordable NCLT used the community land trust model, establishing a nonprofit corporation that retains ownership of the land underneath the Noodle Factory while the residents own (or lease-to-own) the condos on top of the land. 
The Noodle Factory condos have earned the GreenPoint Rated label, certifying that the homes exceed code requirements for health, energy and environmental performance.