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Preventing Waste for Businesses and Institutions

UC Berkeley’s Cal Dining staff uses the LeanPath food waste tracking system to identify waste prevention opportunities. StopWaste's Food Waste Prevention Program supports food service operators like Cal Dining in these efforts.

While recycling is great for a company’s bottom line, preventing waste by reducing and reusing is even better. By stopping waste before it starts you can reap more cost savings than recycling alone, and improve efficiency at the same time. In addition, by rooting out waste, your organization shows it cares for the community and the environment, and helps make Alameda County a great place to live and work.

In this section: 

Assistance & Funding

Grants and other financial incentives for businesses, institutions and public agencies. 

Reduce Wasted Food 

Grants and technical assistance for food manufacturing and large-scale food prep operations to save on disposal, food purchases, and labor.

Reduce Packaging Waste

StopWaste offers hands-on support and financial incentives to help your organization optimize consumer packaging as well as transport packaging.

Reduce Disposable Food Ware

Learn about ReThink Disposable, a free program that helps businesses and schools transition to reusable food ware and introduce practices that prevent waste. 

Reduce Paper Use

Learn about paper saving practices to boost your organization’s efficiency and how to reduce pesky junk mail.

Green Building

Reduce resource and energy waste in non-residential and multifamily building construction and operation.
Create high performance landscapes for public, commercial and multifamily properties.

Landscape Design

Resources to learn about creating high performance landscapes for public, commercial and multifamily properties.

Green Purchasing

Resources to help your organization choose environmentally-friendly products and services, and make more sustainable purchasing decisions. 


If you are looking for recycling information, head over to our Recycling for Businesses and Institutions section.