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Success Stories

America's Best Coffee Roasting Company

America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company in Oakland specializes in artisan roasted coffees and specialty teas and distribute primarily throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The company had already replaced cardboard boxes with reusable plastic crates when a mini-grant from StopWaste allowed them to purchase additional crates to expand their use of reusable transport packaging. The crates are used to deliver orders, eliminating costs for cardboard purchases and recycling services. The company also bought two large reusable bulk containers used for recurring shipments of thousands of pounds of coffee to and from one of their large customers. Previously, the coffee was shipped in 5-lb plastic bags that were then packaged in cardboard boxes. The crates not only eliminate 1,000 plastic bags and hundreds of boxes from the trash each week, but also save labor for both America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company and their client.