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Bay-Friendly Plant Lists

These Bay-Friendly plant lists can be downloaded in PDF or Excel format.

  • Top Plants for the Bay Area: Find California natives and other plants suited to the Bay Area’s Mediterranean climate.
  • Alternatives to Bay Area Invasive Plants: Consider these alternatives to plants designated by the California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC) as problem plants in the Bay Area.
  • Lawn Alternatives & Groundcovers: Instead of conventional, water-thirsty turf grass, try planting these beautiful, Bay-Friendly alternatives.
  • Plants for Bay Area Plant Communities: Discover plant species found in the most common Bay Area plant communities: Redwood Forest, Valley and Foothill Woodland, Coastal Prairie, Northern Coastal Scrub and Valley Grassland.
  • Plants that Attract Butterflies: Butterflies are often very selective in their choice of host plants that provide food for the caterpillars. Consider planting plants that provide nectar for butterflies and food for and larvae.
  • Plants for Natural Hedges that Don’t Need Shearing: Shearing is labor intensive and creates a lot of plant waste. Consider these plants for more natural hedges.
  • Plants for Vegetated Swales: Consider these plants for bioswales designed to slow or prevent the flow of stormwater off a site