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Alameda County Food Bank Grocery Rescue Program

FoodCo and Grocery Rescue Program Team

StopWaste was an early funder of the Alameda County Food Bank Grocery Rescue Program through our grant program. The Grocery Rescue Program (GRP) partners with local grocery stores and retailers to recover a variety of foods for neighborhood food pantries and meal programs. The program now has 84 active retail participants and in just over a year recovered nearly four million pounds of food.

GRP has succeeded in recruiting more businesses and recovering far more food than projected, and has become one of the Alameda County Food Bank's central strategies to end hunger. During the grant period, the food recovered provided food-insecure people in Alameda County over three million meals. The success of this program surpassed expectations–nearly seven million dollars were saved in retail food costs and landfill disposal fees–and expansion is planned to reach the untapped potential that exists in Alameda County. 

Read more about the Alameda County Food Bank Grocery Rescue Program on their website.