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Success Stories

Clinton Commons Earns Bay-Friendly Rating and LEED Platinum Certification

Clinton Commons is a 55-unit affordable housing development in the lower San Antonio neighborhood of Oakland. It has earned both the Bay-Friendly Rated designation for its sustainable landscaping and LEED Platinum certification for its green building features. The building has a central exterior courtyard that was carefully designed to ensure a pleasant and varied outdoor experience, while also reducing waste and saving water. Plants were selected for seasonal color and texture to provide year-round interest.


  • The planting specification and maintenance agreement require Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and bar the use of pesticides prohibited by the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI).
  • Plants are spaced appropriately so they have room to grow to their mature size.
  • Plants are hydrozoned (grouped by their water requirements) and irrigated with high efficiency bubblers. A dedicated landscape water meter was installed.


  • 17,500 gallons of irrigation water saved compared to a conventional landscape
  • 89% of landscape construction and demolition debris recycled
  • 6 tons of local, recycled compost used
  • 4 tons of local, recycled mulch used
  • 85% of new plants are low water species
  • Bay-Friendly landscape practices reduced greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 2 tons CO2E


Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape score: 62

Year rated: 2013

Bay-Friendly Rater: Cynthia Greenberg, Placeworks