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Success Stories

College of Alameda's Campus Entry Improvement Project

The College of Alameda, one of four Peralta Community Colleges, renovated its campus entry landscaping as part of its Sustainable Peralta campaign. This initiative aims to enhance economic opportunity and community well-being while protecting and restoring the natural and social environment upon which our neighborhoods and economies depend. The new entry landscape makes a visible statement about the College's commitment to environmental stewardship and signifies a move away from traditional resource-intensive landscape designs.
  • Sheet mulching was used to remove nearly two acres of lawn and suppress weed growth
  • Turf was replaced with a lower water, no-mow alternative
  • 88% of the non-turf plants are low water users
  • 96% of the new plants are California native species
  • The landscape is designed to capture and filter 85% of stormwater before it flows to the Bay
  • Only fertilizers approved by the Organic Materials Reserch Institute were used to establish the new landscape 
  • 552,000 gallons of irrigation water saved annually compared to a conventional landscape
  • 58% of landscape construction and demolition debris recycled
  • 120 tons of local, recycled compost used
  • 64 tons of recycled mulch used
  • Bay-Friendly landscape practices reduced greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 47 to 98 tons CO2E


Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape score: 95

Year rated: 2012

Bay-Friendly Rater: Cynthia Greenberg, Placeworks