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Topic Briefs

Disposable Food Service Ware Reduction and Reuse Ordinance - March 2023

Single-use foodware items, such as plastic and paper cups, plates, and utensils, have a short lifespan but a long-lasting negative impact on human health and the environment. Additionally, most of these single-use foodware items are neither readily recyclable nor compostable, and contaminate recycling and composting programs. Replacing single-use foodware with durable, reusable alternatives is essential to addressing these issues.

StopWaste helps advance reusable foodware innovation and infrastructure in Alameda County through grant funding, outreach, technical assistance, and policy tools. As part of this effort, StopWaste has developed a model ordinance that interested jurisdictions in Alameda County can tailor and then adopt in order to encourage the transition to reusable foodware in their communities.