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Success Stories

Kaiser Permanente Livermore Medical Offices

Kaiser Permanente Livermore Medical Offices are part of Diablo Service Area, employ a staff of 150 and serve 50,000 patients. The facility has been separating landscape plant debris for composting since 2010. In March 2013, they expanded the collection of compostables to include paper towel waste, and started recycling of non-confidential paper, cardboard and recyclable containers. These changes keep approximately 60 tons of materials out of the landfill each year, and save the company over $6,000 in annual disposal costs. As part of Kaiser Permanente’s centralized distribution system, the Livermore Medical Offices receive deliveries of medical supplies, documents and pharmaceuticals in reusable plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes, effectively reducing cardboard waste. Kaiser Permanente Livermore has started a 10-member Green Team with participants across all ranks and levels, to explore and implement additional sustainability measures.