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MF HERCC Reports

From 2010 to 2016, StopWaste chaired the Multifamily Home Energy Coordinating Committee (MF HERCC), which was a subcommittee of the U.S. EPA's California Home Energy Retrofit Coordinating Committee. 

In 2015, MF HERCC updated and published two reports: 

  1. Multifamily HERCC Recommendations Report. This report provides consensus-based recommendations for the refinement of Energy Upgrade California Multifamily programs authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission. The recommendations are intended to help program administrators and evaluators design and implement ratepayer incentive programs for the multifamily sector. This report also provides insights into multifamily market conditions for low-income housing programs, for emerging programs such as those funded by cap and trade revenue, and programs that will be defined and implemented by California's Assembly Bill 758.
  2. Multifamily HERCC Combustion Safety Testing Protocols. These protocols are intended to be used in conjunction with the Building Performance Institute's (BPI) Technical Standards for the Building Analyst Professional, which addresses how to perform Combustion Appliance Safety testing in single-family homes. This report clarifies how to apply the BPI test procedures in multifamily buildings.