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Topic Briefs

Reducing Single-Use Foodware Accessories - March 2022

In 2021 the California Legislature passed AB 1276 into law, expanding the prior “straws on request only” law to also now include single-use cutlery, condiment packs and chopsticks. Affected entities include all retail food operations as well as food delivery platforms. The purpose of AB 1276 is to reduce excess packaging and reduce food waste from unwanted condiment packs.

The law takes effect June 1, 2022. Food operators not in compliance are subject to fines of $25/per day ($300 annual max).  StopWaste is assisting its member agencies with outreach to affected entities on AB 1276 requirements, while also supporting the development of reusable foodware infrastructure such as dishwashing services, and creating a model reusable foodware ordinance for Alameda County in the upcoming fiscal year.