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Success Stories

Reliance Metalcenter

Reliance Metalcenter in Union City is a division of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., one of the country’s largest metals service center companies. Reliance Metalcenter has 70 employees and processes plate, sheet metal, rod and bar. Staff used to discard cardboard packaging from metal deliveries, because some of it was contaminated with protective lubricants. After training workers on levels of contamination acceptable for recycling, Reliance Metalcenter is now recycling most of their cardboard waste. The company replaced several garbage dumpsters with recycling containers, keeping 700lbs of cardboard out of the landfill each week, and reducing garbage service costs by 36% or almost $40,000 per year. In addition, Reliance Metalcenter recycles plastic film and plastic strapping, and has introduced office recycling for paper and beverage containers.