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Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan (CoIWMP)

The Alameda County Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan (CoIWMP) serves as a roadmap to approaching Alameda County’s solid waste management and recycling issues. This document contains two elements of the CoIWMP and describes both the current and desired state of waste and materials management in the County. Similar to a city’s general plan, it is intended to be far-reaching with long-term relevance.

In addition to addressing core infrastructure needs – collection, transport, processing facilities, and landfills – this document provides the context and rationale for a comprehensive approach to the current and future waste management issues facing Alameda County. In response to these issues, as well as fulfilling the requirement to provide a minimum 15 years of landfill capacity, the Alameda County Waste Management Authority (WMA) has adopted the goals, objectives, and policies included herein to guide decision-making and programs.

The CoIWMP, specifically the Countywide Element, is the primary tool to design programs that are countywide in scope, and that complement and support Alameda County jurisdictions’ individual programs. The WMA’s annual budget will implement the Countywide Element to ensure the goals, objectives, and policies are not just words on a page but are implemented on a practical level each year.

Updated November 2023.


Additional Materials:

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