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Request For Qualifications: Service Providers for Grant Writing and Seeking External Funding

Release Date: April 26, 2016
Qualifications Due: May 26, 2016 

The Agency seeks professional services to assist with obtaining external funding to broaden and deepen Agency programs that align with our missions to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency. External funding may be sought to support the following types of activities:

  • Program expansion: Add breadth or depth to an existing program area, with activity to be conducted or overseen directly by Agency staff and/or hired consultants
  • Program incubation: Design and pilot new program models, for future expansion by agency or replication and expansion by member agencies or other entities
  • Research sponsorship: Fund, or otherwise support through partnerships, academic or industry research that provides valuable information for Agency projects
  • Pass-through funding: The Agency has several channels through which it offers grants, incentives, funding, and other support to its member agencies, other public entities (e.g. schools) and the public (community organizations, businesses, property owners, etc.)

Content Areas
Based on the projects currently seeking grant writing assistance, the content areas of interest include:

  • Energy: Efficiency, alternative fuels/clean energy, grid resiliency
  • Water: Efficiency and conservation, storm water management
  • Organics materials management: Food waste prevention, organic waste management, healthy soils, recycled compost and mulch market development, lawn conversions
  • Non-organic materials management: Building materials, packaging sustainability, reduced consumption and product reuse/repair, intelligent product design
  • Action-based learning/environmental education: Programs and activities targeting K-12 students and their families that build knowledge, awareness and action to reduce consumption, use resources efficiently and instill life-long recycling behaviors.

Applicants should have experience in one or more of the above content areas, preferably with working knowledge of the industry and terminology. Applicants should indicate their areas of experience.