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At VF Outdoor, Sustainable Landscaping Is a Good Fit

VF Outdoor, a division of VF Corp. that focuses on outdoor and athletic apparel, recently moved three of its leading brands, JanSport, lucy and The North Face, to a new headquarters in Alameda. Their 14-acre waterfront office campus features a sustainable landscape design that reflects the company's global environmental goals. Landscape strategies include infiltration gardens that capture stormwater from the entire site including the roofs, a water-conserving and climate-responsive plant palette suited to the environmentally sensitive coastal setting, use of integrated pest management methods to maintain the landscape, and extensive use of local, recycled compost and mulch to improve soil vitality.
VF Outdoor was a recipient of the 2013 StopWaste Business Efficiency Awards. Read about the company's waste reduction achievements.


  • The landscape design features a variety of areas for outdoor meetings, relaxation and recreation, and connection to nature
  • The site's VF Organic Edible Garden provides the campus cafeteria with healthy food, gives employees space to garden and celebrates the bounty of the local foodshed  
  • Solar and wind electricity systems are expected to meet nearly 100% of the campus's electricity needs
  • The landscape design and bio-diverse plant selection create habitat and food resources for wildlife, including beneficial insects and pollinators
  • Three raptor perches and three owl boxes help provide natural pest management
  • 954,000 gallons of irrigation water saved annually compared to a conventional landscape
  • 50% of landscape construction and demolition waste recycled
  • 622 tons of local, recycled compost used
  • 194 tons of local, recycled mulch used
  • 100% of new plants are low water species
  • Bay-Friendly landscape practices reduced greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 49 to 103 tons CO2E
  • Project owner/developer: SRM Associates
  • Landscape architect: April Philips Design Works
  • Landscape contractor: Cagwin & Dorward
  • Location: Harbor Bay Business Park, Alameda, CA
  • Project area: 14 acres
  • Landscape accessible to the public? Partial

Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape score: 105

Year rated: 2012

Bay-Friendly Rater: Geoff Hall, Sentient Landscape