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Tips for Gardening in Our Summer-Dry Climate

StopWaste helps Alameda County residents recycle more and waste less — and that means wasting less water too! Even though the drought is over, the state of California is still committed to replacing 50 million square feet of lawns across the state with drought tolerant landscaping. These GardenHome and Food resources will help you save water in the long term.


In the Garden

Check out these links for everything you need to know about sheet mulch, a zero-waste, chemical-free way to convert your lawn to a water-saving garden. Also find lawn-to-garden designs from local Bay-Friendly Qualified Professionals, rebate info and more.

At Home

Making every drop count starts with small behavior changes, like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth. Ready for bigger steps? Look for ways to make green home improvements, like replacing old appliances with water-efficient models.


At the Table

It takes a lot of water to grow and produce food — so waste less food and you'll waste less water. While you're at it, don't forget to recycle your food scraps and food soiled paper. All that good stuff you put in your green bin gets turned into compost for farms and gardens. Compost acts like a sponge, helping soil hang onto nutrients and water.