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Virtual Meeting Instructions

StopWaste will be using the Zoom Meeting platform to host hybrid meetings of its Boards and Committees. The following describes how to participate in a Zoom meeting. Key terms are defined at the end of the document.

Joining the Meeting

  • Email Link:  All Board Members attending via teleconference will have received an email from the StopWaste Clerk of the Board with a URL link to join the meeting at the specified time. Clicking this link will initiate the meeting join sequence. 
  • Zoom Website:  Attendees can also join the meeting by visiting  and typing in the meeting ID from the agenda.
  • Telephone Call in:  Telephone call in numbers are published in the agenda. The meeting can be attended using telephone only, but no video content will be viewable.

Participating in the Meeting

  • During presentations, all participants except the Chair and staff presenter will be muted.
  • During discussion, if you have a comment while you are muted, please use the “raise hand” feature in the Zoom software. If you are using the telephone only, you can raise your hand by pressing *9.  We will need to be respectful and patient with each other as we have our discussions.  Please ask to be recognized by stating your name and, if you are a Board member, your agency.  If you are a member of the public and do not wish to state your name to comment during public comment, simply say “Member of the Public.”  Comments may also be e-mailed to  Written public comment will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • A Board member wishing to make a motion should clearly state “This is Board member _____ from [agency] and I move – [the motion].”  A Board member wishing to second a motion should clearly state “This is Board member _____ from [agency] and I second the motion.”
  • All votes at the meeting will be taken by roll call.   
  • The meeting will be recorded.  Some attendees are participating by video conference.  Accordingly, please be aware that other people may be able to see you.  Anything that you broadcast may be captured by the recording. Even if members of the public do not provide comment, participants are advised that people may be listening who do not provide comment, and those persons are not required to identify themselves.

Audio Controls and Settings:

  • All participants are muted at the time of joining the meeting.

  • All participants will be muted during the call. If you wish to speak during public discussion, use the “raise hand” feature in the Zoom software or dial *9 if you are using telephone only, and wait to be recognized by the Board Chair.

  • If you have joined from your computer and the audio does not sound good (either what you hear when others speak, or what others hear when you speak), please try lowering the volume on your computer speaker or switching to a headset.  If that does not work please switch to a phone dial-in. You can do this by mousing over the Zoom screen and clicking the ^ next to the microphone (at the bottom left) and clicking ‘Switch to Phone Audio’. [screenshot]  It will provide you with many phone number options, the first is fine.

Key Terms and Procedures for Zoom Board and Committee Meetings

  • Host: The user who scheduled the meeting, and has controls over participants’ speaking and presenting capabilities, starting/stopping of recording, and starting/stopping the meeting.
    • This role is reserved for the Stopwaste Information Technology Manager on behalf of the Executive Director.
  • Co-Host: Same controls as host. Must be made Co-Host by the Host.
    • The Board Chair is the Co-Host by the Host
  • Participants: Speaking and presenting capabilities. Can mute and unmute oneself without restriction.
    All personnel who would have a dedicated microphone if the meeting were to be held in person, plus any Staff members presenting Items. Included are:

    • All Board Members
    • Any specific Staff members presenting Items
    • Executive Director
    • Clerk of the Board
    • Legal Counsel
  • Attendee: Muted upon entry. The Host will unmute during those times when the public are invited to comment.
    • Members of the public, including any non-presenting Staff will join as Attendees.