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Reusable Transport Packaging

The StopWaste “Use Reusables” Campaign offers educational resources, expert advice, and grants to help businesses make the switch to reusable transport packaging. Transport packaging includes pallets, boxes, crates and other containers used to ship ingredients, parts and products between producers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Replacing expendable pallets and boxes with durable, reusable totes, bins and pallets can significantly cut costs, reduce waste and improve your supply chain’s overall efficiency. 

The Use Reusables website features:
  • Detailed information about the benefits of reusables.
  • Searchable database of vendors and suppliers of reusable packaging.
  • Searchable, map-based library of success stories about companies who have switched to Reusables.
  • Up-to-date information on upcoming grant opportunities and special events.


Visit the Use Reusables Website

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Success Story

America's Best Coffee Roasting Company

America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company in Oakland specializes in artisan roasted coffees and specialty teas and distribute primarily throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The company had already replaced cardboard boxes with reusable plastic crates when a mini-grant from StopWaste allowed them to purchase additional crates to expand their use of reusable transport packaging.