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Surplus Food Donation

Even with careful planning, most food service operators generate surplus edible food. Meanwhile, one in five Alameda County residents don’t have reliable access to affordable, nutritious food. By setting up a food donation program, businesses can help close this hunger gap instead of sending surplus food to the landfill. They may also realize cost savings from reduced garbage bills and may be eligible for enhanced tax deductions.

Surplus Food Donation Guide

This step-by-step guide helps businesses set up a surplus food donation program that works for their operations, including how to find a non-profit donation partner. It also provides guidance on legal protections and safe food handling requirements.


We also have a Food Donation Guide for Schools

Business Spotlight: Checkers Catering

Checkers Catering & Special Events, based in Livermore, has made surplus food donation part of their day-to-day operations. Donated foods include chicken and pasta dishes, sandwiches, undressed salads and a wide range of baked goods. Checker’s non-profit donation partner, Open Heart Kitchen, picks up the donations 3-4 times a week.