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WELO Tool Kit

Click the View Downloads button to download the complete StopWaste WELO Tool Kit or just the Water Budget/Water Use Calculator.

The complete WELO Tool Kit is a zipped folder that includes:

  • StopWaste WELO Water Budget and Water Use Calculator (Excel file)
  • StopWaste WELO brochure
  • StopWaste WELO Checklists (provided in two formats: fillable PDFs and customizable Word files)
    • Landscape Documentation Package Review
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Irrigation Audit 
    • Landscape Inspection
    • Prescriptive Compliance (Appendix D)
  • DWR Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance - full text

Landscape Professionals: WELO is enforced by cities, counties, and in some areas, water agencies. Before starting your project, check with the local reviewing agency for requirements and submittals specific to your region, which may be different than what's provided in StopWaste's WELO Tool Kit.

Questions about these documents? Click here for WELO FAQs.