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All About Compost

Learn how to make compost

Turn your food scraps and yard trimmings into a valuable soil amendment. 

Green bin

Every city in Alameda County offers curbside pickup of food scraps and yard trimmings, which is then turned into compost at industrial facilities. 

  • Put food scraps, food-soiled paper, and plant trimmings in the green bin. Plastic, glass, and metal should never go in the green bin. 
  • Find out more about what can be composted in the green bin

Using compost in the garden

Whether you make your own compost or buy it at the store, adding compost is a great way to create healthy soil.

  • Get tips on how compost can be added on top of garden beds, blended into potting mixes, and used as a liquid fertilizer.
  • Using compost improves soil quality, conserves water, and helps fight climate change.
  • Are you looking to buy compost? Find vendors who provide bulk compost on our Lawn to Garden website.


Compost Pile Time-Lapse

Watch this time-lapse footage of a compost pile breaking down over four months.

Compost Time-Lapse