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Grantee - Tri-City Volunteers, Inc. - FY20-21

Tri-City Volunteers' (TCV) mission is to eliminate hunger and promote self-sufficiency in Alameda County by distributing food and providing volunteer opportunities to improve the quality of life for all. Grantee will purchase reusable totes to be used in three Mobile Food Pantry vans. These totes will allow TCV to reduce their waste footprint and create a more efficient storage and distribution system.

Grantee - Tri-City Health Center - FY20-21

Tri-City Health Center's (TCHC) mission is to deliver excellent health services in a caring, nurturing, and respectful atmosphere while improving the quality of life for every patient. Grantee will purchase a new refrigerator, reusable coolers, and reusable plastic bins to reduce the use of disposable transport packaging and also support the safe and efficient collection of surplus edible food for their Food Farmacy program.

Grantee - Berkeley Food Network - FY19-20

Grantee will purchase reusable plastic pallets and totes to replace limited-use wooden pallets and cardboard boxes, temperature controlled food storage equipment to keep recovered food at the proper temperature, and reusable food containers to reduce disposable aluminum trays. It is estimated that the Grantee will recover approximately 200,000 lbs. 1of edible food between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.


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