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  • News  |  10/26/2017

    Beginning November 1, eating establishments in Alameda County can no longer offer customers single-use plastic bags. Eating establishments can offer recycled content paper bags for free, but must charge customers at least 10 cents for reusable bags (includes thicker plastic bags).

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  • News  |  04/24/2017

    The reusable bag law has been expanded to include all stores and restaurants in the county, starting May 1, 2017 for retail stores and November 1, 2017 for restaurants and food trucks.

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  • Policies   

    Ordinance 2012-2 as Amended by Ordinance 2016-2
    "Reusable Bags Ordinance" (RBO)

    Ordinance Regulating The Use Of Carryout Bags And Promoting The Use Of Reusable Bags

    Adopted October 26, 2016



    Starting May 1, 2017:

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  • News  |  11/14/2016

    With the passage of Proposition 67, California became the first state in the nation to enact a state law to ban plastic shopping bags. The passage of Proposition 67 does not change the implementation of the expanded reusable bag ordinance in Alameda County.

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  • News   

    The Alameda County Waste Management Authority approved an expanded reusable bag ordinance for Alameda County. The expanded ordinance will apply to all stores and restaurants in the county, and will go into effect on May 1, 2017 for retail stores and November 1, 2017 for restaurants.

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  • News  |  10/06/2016

    The WMA voted to support the position of Proposition 67, the Plastic Bag Ban Referendum, at the September 28, 2016 WMA Board meeting.

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  • News  |  03/24/2016

    StopWaste is planning an expansion of the reusable bag ordinance to include all retail stores and restaurants.

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  • News  |  11/17/2014

    As a result of Reusable Bag Ordinance 2012-2, people are bringing their own bags in larger quantities than expected. Data collected has shown that the ordinance not only has had a positive impact on litter reduction but on waste prevention as well.

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  • News  |  09/10/2014

    Since the ordinance began in January, 2013, overall bag purchases by affected retail stores in Alameda County have declined by 85 percent.

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    News  |  01/25/2012

    In January 2012, the Alameda County Waste Management Authority adopted two ordinances that will help the county achieve its long-term waste reduction goals. The mandatory recycling ordinance requires larger businesses and multifamily properties to collect recyclables. The reusable bag ordinance prohibits free distribution of single-use bags at check out in stores that sell packaged food. The laws are designed to reduce waste and litter, stimulate the local economy and create jobs.

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