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Grantee - PACE Supply Corporation - FY21-22

PACE Supply is a wholesale distributer of plumbing supplies (pipe, valves, fittings, etc.) with 17 wholesale locations in California and two in Alameda County (Oakland and Dublin). This reusable transport packaging pilot project will replace wooden pallets, cardboard boxes, and plastic film with 8 intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) for daily shipments of plumbing supplies from the Stockton Distribution Center to the Oakland wholesale location.

Grantee - Lake Merritt United Methodist Church - FY21-22

Lake Merritt United Methodist Church (LMUMC) operates food programs that serve individuals and families living near the church and all over Alameda County. LMUMC operates a monthly food distribution of shelf stable and fresh produce and food is available in between upon request. Hot meals and sandwich lunches are prepared and distribute twice each week to the housed and unhoused near the church as well as through its partners.

Grantee - Tech Exchange - FY21-22

Funding will support Tech Exchange’s sustainable computer refurbishment and workforce development efforts as they work toward the vision of digital equity. Specifically, funding from StopWaste would underwrite the stipends of two Civicorps interns for two 6 month internships who will serve in Tech Exchange’s warehouse at the heart of our reuse operation.

Grantee - Re-Up Refills - FY21-22

The Re-Up Refill Shop offers a range of ecological bath, body, cooking, food, kitchen, and cleaning products in refillable containers, reducing waste from single-use plastics. Grant funds are to purchase refrigeration equipment so the shop can create a new zero waste dairy department utilizing local purveyors. In addition, project will include partnering with Mandela to offer CSA pick up at the shop, expanding Mandela's customer base for local BIPOC farmers.

Grantee - Puretergent, Inc. - FY21-22

Oakland based Puretergent manufactures cleaning products that are readily biodegradable, grey water safe and hypoallergenic, in refillable packaging that eliminates single use plastic waste, with circular distribution. Funding will allow Puretergent to purchase motorized rotors and pumps to increase production batch efficiency by four times allowing them to expand their inventory for use by local refill shops.

Grantee - Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project - FY21-22

Acta Non Verba (ANV) elevates life in East Oakland by challenging oppressive dynamics and environments through urban farming and creates a safe and creative outdoor space for children, youth, and families, by strengthening their understanding of nutrition, food production, and healthy living and building their ties to the community. ANV’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) connects Oakland homes to small local farmers, currently distributing produce in paper bags to 300+ customers.

Grantee - The Food Commonweal - FY21-22

The Food Commonweal was founded in 2018 with a mission to improve the health and wellness of East Oakland residents through increasing their access to culturally-relevant healthy food. Funds will support an expansion of The Famer & The Chef social enterprise, that utilizes excess locally grown produce to make condiments and sauces, though staff time, equipment and supplies to increase recovery and production capacity.

Grantee - Good Eggs - FY21-22

Good Eggs delivers fresh groceries straight to consumers, while supporting and growing local & sustainable food systems. Funds will be used to support the development and implementation of food waste tracking & prevention procedures, staff training for management of surplus food and refining of their existing donation partnerships with Common Vision and a cooperative of additional food recovery organizations.


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