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E-Z Wire Bin

  • For plant trimmings alone (unless hoop is made rodent resistant)
  • Requires minimum 3'x3' yard space
  • Not rodent resistant
  • Produces small to large amounts of compost
  • Very easy to build
  • $15 - $30 for new materials


  • 10'x3' piece of heavy-duty wire mesh fencing or hardware cloth (1/4", 1/2", 1", or 2" mesh)
  • (4) 5" pieces of 14 gauge insulated wire or other easy-to-twist wire larger than 12 gauge

Assembly & Installation

  1. Form hardware cloth into a hoop, overlapping the ends 3 or 4 inches.
  2. Attach ends of hardware cloth with 5" pieces of wire.
  3. For best results, install in a location that is protected from the wind, and where there is enough space to turn the compost easily (about 3'x6'). Compost can be turned by unfastening the hoop, setting it up in an adjacent spot, then forking the compost into the hoop in its new location.