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Resources for Public Agencies

The Lakeside Green Streets project in Oakland earned the ReScape California Rated Landscape designation in 2019.

StopWaste encourages public agencies in Alameda County to enhance their communities with sustainable, climate-adaptive landscaping practices. Here are resources our member agencies may find particularly helpful. Questions? Contact Jennifer West.


  • Measure D: StopWaste's member agencies have access to Measure D funds that can be applied to sustainable landscape projects. Learn more.
  • Training scholarships: Member agency staff may be eligible for a full discount off the cost of ReScape California's (ReScape) Design Qualification and Maintenance Qualification training courses. Email and ask for a StopWaste training scholarship application.

SB 1383 Procurement Resources for Recovered Organic Waste Products

  • Overview of the Annual Procurement Requirements for Recovered Organic Waste Products:  StopWaste's comprehensive overview of the compost procurement requirements under SB 1383, including details on acceptable materials, tips for compliance, and FAQs.
  • 1383 Compliant Compost and Mulch Products: StopWaste's list of SB 1383 compliant compost and mulch products intended to help Alameda County jurisdictions meet their procurement requirements.
  • Alameda County Landscape Inventory: This tool maps the landscape area in Alameda County jurisdictions available for compost and mulch application and calculates the amount of compost and mulch that can be applied within a given jurisdiction annually.
  • Model Direct Service Provider Agreement: Template for a contract with direct service provider to procure compost and/or mulch.
  • Model Direct Service Provider Reporting Form: Excel template to record all required information for compliance with SB 1383 procurement requirements.
  • Model Specifications for Compost and Mulch: These landscape specifications are intended to facilitate compliance with SB 1383 as well as the procurement of quality compost and mulch.
    • StopWaste Model Landscape Construction Specification: This specification is intended to be used in new landscape construction and includes sections on submittals, quality assurance, products, execution, and maintenance period using compost and mulch in a variety of different4 applications, such as sheet mulching for weed control and amending existing soil.
    • StopWaste Model Bid SpecificationThis short document includes specifications for products and submittal requirements to facilitate compliance with SB 1383 procurement requirements.

General Resources

ReScape Rated Landscapes

ReScape Rated Landscapes recognizes excellence in sustainable landscape design, construction and maintenance. The program is managed by ReScape California. Here are some key resources:  

Carbon Farming 

Sheet Mulching 

  • Lawn-to-Garden: Comprehensive website about using sheet mulch to convert lawns to sustainable landscapes 
  • Lawn-to-landscape checklist: 10 basic practices for improving the environmental performance of a landscape (coming soon)
  • Alameda County planting spec (coming soon)
  • Sheet mulch details (coming soon)
  • Bay-Friendly Landscaping Guide to Mulch

Landscape Success Stories