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Landscape Results: Water

Rated Landscapes in Alameda County are saving more than 86 million gallons of water annually. 

Water-conserving landscape practices include:

  1. Applying compost and mulch to encourage healthy soils and reduce evaporation
  2. Growing drought-tolerant California native or Mediterranean plants
  3. Minimizing lawn
  4. Implementing hydrozoning (grouping plants by water needs)
  5. Designing for onsite rainwater collection, recycled water and/or graywater use
  6. Designing and installing high efficiency irrigation systems
  7. Installing a dedicated meter to monitor landscape water use
  8. Managing irrigation according to need
  9. Maintaining the irrigation system so every drop counts
  10. Requesting an irrigation audit
Did you know? California's Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance, a statewide water conservation law for new and renovated landscapes, is updated every three years. WELO applies to permitted landscapes that meet certain size thresholds.