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Food Waste Prevention & Recovery Grants

These grants fund innovative projects that incorporate food waste prevention and the recovery and redistribution of food for donation. The goal is to prevent edible surplus food from being generated or going to compost or landfill and instead ensure its highest and best use—to feed people. In addition to addressing the issue of food insecurity, grant-funded projects conserve natural resources and prevent greenhouse gas emissions by preventing food from going to waste and keeping it out of landfill. Also eligible for funding are projects that eliminate the wasting of edible food through product or process redesign. View all previously funded Food Waste Prevention & Recovery Grant projects
The Food Waste Prevention & Recovery Grant provides funding for innovative projects that incorporate activities that prevent food from going to waste and/or recover edible surplus food to feed people through food donation. 

Project goals

  • Prevent surplus food from being generated.  
  • Put food to its highest and best use.  
  • Send less edible surplus food to compost or disposal.  

Who can apply 

This grant is available to nonprofits, for-profit organizations, institutions, and school districts.

Eligible projects must

  • Be located in Alameda County. 
  • Prevent and/or recover surplus edible food generated or disposed of in Alameda County. 
  • Projects that compost or recycle food are not eligible for funding.

Funding amounts

Up to $25,000 per grant request. 

Grant Application Timeline

Grant Open: Mid January 2024
Grant Applications Due: March 14, 2024
Grant Awards Announced: May 17, 2024


Grantee Highlights

Daily Bowl: Rescuing Edible Food, Feeding Communities

Daily Bowl rescues surplus edible food and distributes it to agencies catering to community members in need. Grant funding from StopWaste supports programs that incorporate collecting prepared food from commercial establishments, grocery stores and restaurants and distribute the food to local non-profit food pantries.

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DSAL grantee highlight

Delivering Affordable, Fresh Produce When It’s Most Needed

West Oakland-based nonprofit Mandela Partners was founded over 15 years ago with a simple vision: Improve access to fresh fruit and vegetables for all Oakland residents, while supporting local family farmers and community-based businesses. StopWaste grant funding supports outreach for a paid CSA program that supports donation of healthy produce to families in need.

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