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Reusable Transport Packaging Grants

Reusable Transport Packaging prevents waste by replacing limited-life packaging used in manufacturing, transportation and/or distribution with durable alternatives, designed for many years of use. Typical examples are the replacement of cardboard boxes with reusable hand-held plastic totes and switching to reusable pallet wraps to secure loads onto pallets instead of using disposable plastic film wrap.

View a list of all previously funded Reusable Transport Packaging projects. For more information about reusable transport packaging, visit or watch this 3-minute intro video.

Who can apply

  • This grant is available to nonprofits, for-profit organizations, institutions, and school districts.

Eligible projects

  • Reusable Transport Packaging projects must reduce transport packaging waste generated in Alameda County OR reduce packaging used to transport materials/products originating outside of Alameda County that are shipped with an end destination in Alameda County.
  • Projects that seek to replace repurposed materials (such as used cardboard boxes that are donated to your organization) are not eligible.

Funding amounts

  • Up to $10,000 per grant request.

Free assistance available

Have a grant project idea but need help? Our technical assistance representative can provide equipment and vendor information, cost benefit analysis, and help with return logistics planning. This support is available both before grant applications are submitted, as well as during implementation of awarded grant projects. Request assistance with Reusable Transport Packaging Grant Manager, Michelle here.  

Grant Application Timeline

Grant Open: Mid January 2024
Grant Applications Due: March 14, 2024
Grant Awards Announced: May 17, 2024

Grantee Highlights

Surplus Service: Bulk Bins & Carts 

Surplus Service is an e-waste recycler located in Fremont, CA with a focus on reuse and repair. Medical and electronic equipment was collected in cardboard gaylord boxes on pallets, and those were then recycled after a single use. These were replaced with sturdy wheeled bins to collect electronics at client sites and stackable reusable plastic bulk containers for use in the warehouse. This switch to reusables saves Surplus Service over $15,000 on avoided packaging costs each year. 


Veritable Vegetable: Reusable Pallet Wraps

Veritable Vegetable is an organic produce distributor located in San Francisco, CA. Prior to switching to resuables, they used over 700 miles of plastic wrap each year to secure produce boxes on pallets. The reusable pallet wraps prevent over a ton of plastic waste per year plus help prevent worker injuries. The distributor also saves over $6,000 per year on avoided plastic wrap purchasing costs.


Full Belly Farm: Reusable Totes

Full Belly Farm grows seasonal organic produce and delivers directly to dozens of restaurants, markets, and residential member pickup sites throughout Alameda County. With help from a StopWaste grant, Full Belly Farm purchased 2,000 stackable plastic totes to eliminate the recurring purchase of waxed cardboard boxes for transporting produce. The reusables prevent more than 8,000 waxed cardboard boxes from going to landfill and save the farm over $14,000 in avoided cardboard purchases annually.